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The Coloured Tv and Black & White Tv – Joke Story

Many years ago, as a little boy. I used to live in a certain face-to-face compound. It was a time when the coloured TV had just reached that part of our world. We never had the colour TV, we had just a Black and White TV and an antenna that could signal just one channel; NTA. I think it was the year; 1999 or 2000 (most of you were not even born then)

The sad thing about this story is that it was just us(my family) and one other neighbour that did not have the coloured TV. So whenever there was light, I would stay behind the window of our other neighbours to watch movies. Sometimes, they would allow me enter inside to watch, but they would make me sit on the floor (no be like say I been no get chair for ma papa house o). It was a little price to pay afterall, these days it’s N1000+ to watch a movie at the filmhouse.

I had a friend in the compound, Otobong was his name. We were like brothers; same school, same compound, same church but when I go to his house to watch movie, it’s either I sit on the floor or watch from outside through the window.

One day, I had had enough. I went to Otobong’s house while they were watching a movie and his mum asked me to sit on the floor. I refused. She asked me to either sit on the floor or leave, I left, with much pride.
Apparently, my ego had wounded hers, the next day I came, she asked me to leave her house, I left but went behind her window to peep at the movie. She discovered that I was at her window and asked me to leave but I refused. She threatened to poke my eye with a broom stick but I didn’t believe she was capable of such devilry so I remained.

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You won’t believe it, All of a sudden, in the movie, Ramsey Noah began to kiss one girl like that. As little as I was, I felt something move between my legs. It was a sweet feeling. The next thing I saw was Ramsey Noah pressing something and an arrow coming from the view. I docked a bit and it pierce the skin that held my eye lid. Bitch really poked me with a broomstick. I let out a loud cry.
The worst part of it is that my parents were not even home. When I shouted for about 5minutes and no one came to my rescue, I sucked it up and stopped crying. I went home to wait for my parents’ return.

Immediately I saw my mum coming from the distance, I began to cry again. I cry-told her all that had happened except the “Ramsey noah” part and what I felt between my legs. My mommah, she just told me “sorry” and did nothing.
When my Dad returned from work that day, I reported the incident to him. He paused for a moment and then told me sorry and did nothing. They did not even go to Otobong’s house to fight for me. I touched my chest, I felt betrayed but I let it pass.

The next day, I returned from school to find a new TV and a video player in the sitting Room. I looked at my Dad and he smiled. Something he would’ve done since but he didn’t, he had to wait for them to poke my eye before he bought a coloured TV. I was not impressed so I just went into the bedroom to have my siesta. But I was happy thereafter anyway.
About weeks later. Otobong’s TV malfunctioned. Soon, they called in an electrician to take it out for repairs. Oh Karma! Always bringing new opportunities. I waited for Otobong to come to my house to watch TV but he didn’t.
The next day, I returned from school and to the glory of Fadalurd, there was light. I did not use my snacks money that day so I used it to buy a razor blade. I carved out 3 big circles on our window net to draw Otobong’s attention and then put on the TV. It was a Ramsey Noah film. I quickly fast-forwarded it to the erotic scenes and increased the volume.

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Little Otobong heard the characters moaning and came to watch small porn. I hid from the window view while sharpening my broom stick. I let him watch a little porn before stabbing his eye with my broom stick. He let out a loud wail as if his parents had just died. Little Horny bastard could not resist the temptation, I caught him like rat! His mum came out to his rescue, I bolted the door to avoid jungle justice and laid flat on the ground to prevent my heart from pounding out of my chest.

Unfortunately, my broom poked Otobong’s eyeball 🥴 directly. He was rushed to a nearby infirmary for treatment….🤕
His mum never had the courage to report me to my parents, I on the other hand was rather too glad to break the news of Otobong’s one eyedness to my parents; they hugged me with tears of Joy……
I tell you; Family is strength :

Today, I met a boy in the morning. He was looking at me but it seemed like he was looking elsewhere. He called me by my name. I didn’t recognise him until he introduced himself as Otobong.

Consider this my righteous delivery of powerful vengeance.

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