RMD And Dakore: Making A Difference Through The Screen – Castle and Castle

Richard Mofe Duncan, popularly known as RMD, has graced our screen for a very long time, and has given us a very good show over the years. It is therefore no surprise that together with Dakore Egbuson-Akande, a seasoned actor, they have both done another amazing job with the series, ‘Castle and Castle’.

Richard Mofe Duncan RMD
Richard Mofe Duncan RMD

They had a chat with the Guardian Life team about being on the set of Castle & Castle and what roles they look forward to playing in the future. Read their interview below.

How did you handle the legal ad libs in the film, did you speak with any legal practitioner, for your interpretation of your role in Castle & Castle?

RMD: I`m a lawyer so this wasn`t a challenge for me.

Dakore: I handled the stress like I do with all my film roles by asking questions and doing my research. Knowing the character from Season 1 it was easy to navigate the legalese. I actually didn’t speak with any legal protection practitioner for the role.

What was your biggest challenge working on Castle & Castle?

RMD: Time management has always been an issue for me but I’m glad that this season I saw a more efficient production. I love working with young people and there were a good number on set. It helps to draw from their energies and even learn from them.

Dakore: My biggest challenge was staying true to Remi‘s journey with no reservations.

Dakore Egbuson-Akande
Dakore Egbuson-Akande

How do you work on being a better actor?

RMD: I’m a trained actor so being prepared for any role is key for me. I like not just to play my characters but to become them. I study and research until I’m satisfied with the reflection of the character in me.

Dakore: Coming to the set every day and working with an exceptional cast and crew all dedicated to bringing the script to life.

How do you manage the peculiarities of each actor on set?

RMD: I expect nothing from anybody, so I deal with individuals as they present themselves. I love positive energies but even when around negative ones I never allow that impact on the job I`ve come on set to do.

When people hear RMD, what do you want them to think of as an actor?
I just do me. Professional, disciplined, courteous, respectful of other people’s talents and respectful of the space and time of everyone I work with.

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Working on the film Castle & Castle, what is (are) your favourite moment(s)?

RMD: I enjoyed my time onset. I don’t have any favourite moment but I had a great time.

How long did shooting Castle & Castle take and how did you handle stress and your health in general?

RMD: I had to leave a set I was on briefly to come shoot. I believe I shot for about 2 weeks straight. Whenever the stressful moments come, I just breathe.

Dakore: It took about two months to shoot and I handle the stress with prayer, meditation, exercise, a positive attitude, support from my family and my music playlist during hair and make-up sessions!

You have been in Nollywood for a very long time and one of the people so many look up to, how do you deal with all the expectations people require from you?

RMD: I just work hard at being the very best version of myself every day irrespective of people’s expectations and I can only hope that my best version is good enough every day.

Dakore: Truly it’s been by the grace of God giving me the strength. I take it all one day at a time and my management team helps by encouraging me to not bite more than I can chew.

When you look at the RMD of then, and the man you are today, what changes and growth would you say have occurred over the years?

RMD: I`m basically the same actor. Age and experience have however made me a lot more methodological in my approach to characters.

As an actor that has played several characters in different films, is there any challenging role you are looking forward to playing?

RMD: Of course, I live for challenging roles. So, I live it in the hands of the writers and say ‘hit me with your best shot’

Dakore: As an actor that has played many diverse roles I look forward to playing a character with some form of a disability or mental health challenge.

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