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MC TooSweet: next level step for our relationship

He replied with a warm smile as he planted a warm kiss on my forehead.

next level step for our relationship : When he told me he’d be taking me home to see his mum, I was so happy.

I had really looked forward to that happening and, it was a next level step for our relationship.

“I’m nervous, Kunle, what’s she really like?” I said, worriedly.

“My mum is a simple woman and she’s gonna like you. I promise”

He replied with a warm smile as he planted a warm kiss on my forehead.

I started planning towards the BIG DAY.

I wanted everything to be perfect and didn’t leave room for any lapse.

I was going to meet my future mother-in-law and our first meeting must be glam, a sweet loving experience that should last forever .

I called my best friend, Lade, to tell her we’d be going shopping together. We had to choose a very beautiful outfit for me, to see Kunle’s mum. Baby girl must be super fine.

“Yes, this one right here. It’ll really suit you. You won’t just look like a perfect wife material, you’d be hot and dashing too”

Lade said with a big grin on her face as we both double checked the blue three-quarter dress I tried on. It was just perfect.

“I was also thinking to get a new set of underwears.” I cut in with a serious tone.

“You mean like pant and bra? Wait o, I don’t understand, is she going to tell you to remove your dress when you get there?”

Lade replied mockingly, rolling her eyes like the balls were going to fall off the ground

“No now, I was just thinking like, what if something happens? Like what if I faint or something sha comes up. See Lade, let me just have an A+ in this woman’s book of attractiveness and good hygiene”

I said to her, smiling sheepishly, using the back of my hand to sweep back the hair that keeps flying over my face.

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“You’re right my friend, get new panties and bra. Remember to get a brand new brain too, in case you get there and lose your mind. Ode!”

MC TooSweet vibez

Lade blurted. But, I didn’t care.

The day finally came and I was beautifully dressed.

Kunle had promised to pick me up and while I waited, the level of adrenaline rush in my system could teleport a man from earth to space in a twinkle of an eye.

“Like I said before, she’s gonna like you and you’re gonna like her too. My mum is sweet, just take it from me”

He said with a reassuring smile as we both fastened our seatbelts and set off on the journey.

His mum was a very beautiful and dark skinned woman. She glowed delectably with an irresistible aura. She spoke softly but with a lot of firm demeanour, and dispensed CLASS, all over.

I started sweating and shaking, visibly. I didn’t expect that much of class and elegance and I prayed silently that she liked me.

“See my sweet mum, I really missed you so much”

Kunle screamed as he threw his long arms around his mother’s neck. They must have missed each other so much, and I loved their mother and son moment.

“Kunle oko mi. My handsome and sweet boy, I missed you too darling.

See your neck and eyes, you’ve not been eating well. You don’t look well at all. Are you sure you won’t take a few days off work so that I can keep you here and feed you well? I need to look after you my dear, I’m not pleased with what I’m seeing at all.”

“I’m fine mum, I am, you worry too much and it’s not good for your health”

Just as I thought I’d been forgotten, with my lips pursed and bag firmly clamped on my body, Kunle introduced me to his mum, with a big smile as he drew me close to him.

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“Well mum, this is my sweet woman I told you about”

“Ah, sorry my dear. How are you?”

She finally turned to look at me after trying to get her attention, severally.

I guess she was enmeshed in the mother and son moment and it was reasonable. They had missed each other so much.

“I’m fine ma, thank you ma” I replied, wearing my largest coat of courtesy and respect.

“You’re welcome dear, what’s your name and where are you from?”

“Mum! but I told you her name on the phone. Can’t believe you…”

She cut him abruptly, “I didn’t ask you Kunle, I asked her and she has mouth to talk”

I smiled, with all my teeth outside as my friend had warned, “make sure you smile throughout that period. Don’t frown, okay? Let her know you’re cheerful and won’t bite her son.”

“My name is Bolaji ma and I’m from Osun State”

“Osun? Oh nice, we have a number of friends from there. You know, we Ijebu people, people love to flock around us”

She said smiling, with a more friendly and relaxed tone.

“Errrm mum, I’m very hungry. What do you have in this house?”

Kunle interrupted, acting like he had been fasting for years

“Well, since you told me on phone that she’s a great cook. I decided to also get orisirisi for soup ingredients. The vegetables and meat have been washed and I’m just waiting for her to bless our tongues with the delicious delicacy that blooms from her sweet fingers”

“Kunle and I exchanged glances and we both went cold”

“Cook ke? Like today and right now? I thought this only happens in Nollywood”

I thought to myself, looking lost and confused.

“Okay ma.” I said with a fake punctuated smile, “where’s the way to the kitchen” I asked with a weak smile.

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“Let’s go there….”

Kunle said, excitedly as he made his way to the kitchen.

“Rara o Kunle, come back here. You won’t let her concentrate in that kitchen. Or do you want her to spoil the soup with so much salt?”

As she mentioned salt, my heart skipped some beats. And I thought the food was gonna be a disaster.

While in the kitchen, I became so nervous and confused. At a point, I even had to read the instructions on how to prepare the semolina to be sure I still remembered.

Even the egusi soup, I almost decided not to add salt to it.

Since medical research had proven over the years that salt had some terrible effects on our kidneys, I just assumed that I would be helping all of us by deleting it from the recipe.

Apparently, my cooking skills deserted me. I didn’t know what I was doing.

But, I still scaled through the kitchen heat and food was served.

“Whao! This is really delicious. You’re just exactly what he described” I love how tender the meat is and the semo is just heavenly”

His mum said with her glowing face as she ate her meal.

I didn’t know whether to say “Thank you ma” or just reply with a humble smile.

But in the end, I said, “Thank you ma” with a very humble smile.

“You’re welcome my dear”

Turning to face Kunle, “Ehn ehn, Kunle, when are you bringing your fiancée to see me? Or don’t I deserve to know who you want to marry, as your mother?”

Mrs. Richards, my Kunle’s mum, blurted those words out with a kind of tone that I couldn’t place between harsh or indifferent.

Three days later, I woke up in an hospital bed.

They said I fainted at the dinning table.

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