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I was driving home from work the other day

Due to security reasons, I prefer carrying students and women, men can stand for all I offense

Driving past a popular bus-stop I used to stand for hours waiting to board a vehicle, I decided to slow down and help a few passengers I saw standing there

It reminded me of when I was carless

Now, I’m carfull, so I do the best I can, when I can for whoever I wish to.

Due to security reasons, I prefer carrying students and women, men can stand for all I care…no offense

So, I parked and the bystanders almost pulled my door in a mad rush to enter, but it was locked, I wound down and told the guys to fuck off politely, then asked two elderly women, one young girl and a teenage boy to enter

The girl quickly rushed to the front like it was her boyfriend’s car, so, I opened the door for them

I didn’t feel sorry for the guys standing under the sun sha even though I felt their pain, make una hustle, las las una go dey alright too

We rode in silence, I usually don’t like listening to anything when I’m driving home in the evening so I won’t be distracted but mostly because I just want peace and quiet

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10 hours of listening to my colleagues and bosses talk and yap all day is enough sound for me, so I drove in silence

“How much is Ojota?” The young girl sitting in the passenger seat asked me

“Ojota?” I asked, surprised to be pulled out of my laser focus road concentration

“Yes, Ojota, how much is it?” She repeated the question while opening her handbag and I assumed searching for money

“You want to buy Ojota?” I asked

The teenager laughed

“I don’t understand.” She replied

“I believe Tinubu is the best person to answer that question, he’s the only one that can sell Lagos.” I said smiling

Everybody in the car now laughed

She still didn’t get the joke instead she felt scared and suspicious

I noticed she looked back with apprehension, thinking we were all colluding somehow and probably one chance operatives

“That was a joke” I quickly said

“Ojota is free…the ride’s free.” I added

The second I said free she relaxed

“Ohhh, thank you sir” she now laughed

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Now she got the joke

“Thank you sir, thank you my pikin, God bless you sir.” Everyone thanked me because I didn’t collect N100 from them

I was almost embarrassed with the gratitude but then again the sincerity of their gratitude melted my heart<

“Can I have your number, sir?”
She asked after I dropped them at Ojota

“My phone number?” I asked surprised

“Well, not your plate number obviously” she laughed

I laughed too, girl got jokes

“Or do I need to ask Tinubu for that too?” She flirted

I blushed

“No, not Tinubu, my girlfriend.” I said smiling

“I won’t tell if you don’t.” She said

“I’m sorry but I can’t, I will always tell.” I smiled again, and drove off.

Kindness definitely pays but it shouldn’t always be in kind.

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