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All the wanted is a female tailor or didn’t want a tailor at all

After walking around Area 1 and Area 3 junction for hours with no hope, I found my way to Garki ultra modern market with the help of one woman who happened to be going the same direction.

I recall walking up to some persons to ask for direction and the way they walked away from me like I was some ‘corporate beggar’, I off. Lol.

Almost every Tailor’s shop I went to in Garki market that afternoon either wanted a female tailor or didn’t want a tailor at all. Luckily for me, I came in contact with a kind gentleman, an ebira guy, who assisted me in looking for opportunities like he knew before. He literally abandoned what he was doing and kept going with me from shop to shop, at some point he suggested I learn how to make female clothes but I declined ‘cos all I wanted at that point was an opportunity to make money with the skill I already had.

After several trials, we finally met a man who could use my service. He emphasized on how neatness in tailoring is a thing for him, he asked if I was the one that made what I was hearing that day, I answered in affirmative, “you sabi cut?”, I nodded as I replied him ‘Yes’. “But na 1,500 I dey pay for up and down ooh…” he added with a certain look like he knew within him the money was poor but I really didn’t have much choice so I took the offer with open arms.

He gave me a fabric and asked me to use his measurements to make the outfit. Before closing hour I was done, I ironed it, tacked the buttons and handed it to him. He was really impressed, I was hired and he gave me 1,000 as tip afterwards.

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Guyyyy!! That 1k be me like big money at that time ‘cos hmmm! On my way home, I bought chi exotic juice and bread and went over to the house of the lady who owned the room where I was staying to thank her for allowing me stay in her sister’s room in her absence and also tell her the good news. “You didn’t have to go through all this…” she said but I know better than to not show any form of appreciation.

And so it began…


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